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Kraken Projects


BEACH CLEAN  - November 18 Plymouth



Kraken Projects is where the magic happens. When we are not designing, working or planning this is what we will be doing (obviously we spend time with family and friends as well).

So what are they?

We currently have 5 main Kraken Projects on the go, but as we grow we are hoping these will too.

  • Beach / Area / Park Cleans
  • Ocean Cleans
  • Fishing Net Recovery
  • Micro Plastic Project
  • Plant a Tree
  • Community Help

Beach Cleans

We currently do a beach clean once every 6-8 weeks. Simple process but very rewarding. Promoted on social media (give us a follow) and all you have to do is turn up. We provide pickers, bags, bag holders and when your finished just hand everything to one of the team and we will split it down into recyclables and send it for processing.

Everyone is always welcome to join us and we do cleans with other organisations which promote as well. 

Ocean Cleans 

What better than to get on the ocean and keep it as clean as possible. We have seen a huge influx of disposable masks over the last 18 months and we are doing our part to clean it up. 

These happen about every 2-3 days, with the main collector being KRAKEN 01 (our teams JetSki). This is normally taken out by our Marine Mammal Medic, who not only picks up rubbish from the sea he also checks up on wildlife in the area and helps/reports where needed. 

If we are not out on KRAKEN 01 we will either be Diving, SUP (stand Up Paddle boarding) or on a board. 

We also take people out on KRAKEN 01 to give them some exposure to what’s happening in the ocean and a bit of fun. 


Fishing net Recovery

Our latest project is all about stopping ghost nets. Ghost Nets get into the ocean and can destroy the eco system by trapping fish and ripping apart coral. 

We are currently recovering/collecting old fishing nets and getting them recycled or reused where possible. This project is currently done on land, but will plan in the future getting involved with our dive sets. 


Micro Plastic Project

We are currently building the Kraken Beach sieve (to be named kraken 5 1st generation).


Its a device that you put sand into, and you then turn it. It will allow the sand to fall through and catches the small plastics hiding within it. This will be the first draft and will be updated after the first few runs (small steps). Photos to follow soon.


Plant a Tree

We currently Plant a tree for every T-Shirt bought. These are planted in Kenya as well as other place within Africa. This not only reduces our carbon footprint which is already at ZERO, but also gives jobs to struggling communities. A pround member of the MORE TREES group.


Community Team Effort

We love great communities and that's what we promote. We love helping businesses / people helping the local communities (where ever they are, UK based at present). Although we are relatively small we have a big network of people willing to help. If you have a good ethos and like to help your community and require assistance we will help where we can. Our last couple of projects have been tip runs, building benches, taking people out on the Jet Ski and promoting upcoming ethical businesses. The next one is in the pipeline which will be our biggest update SOON.

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