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About Us


Why should you support us rather than other ‘similar’ brands? We see ourselves more of a movement rather than a clothing brand but that doesn’t mean our clothing is cheaply produced. Below are the reasons why we believe we are different.

Every bit of Clothing bought we will plant a tree. All purchases fund the KRAKEN Projects.

Kraken Clothing was started in 2020 by four friends who wanted to design comfortable clothing that looked great and was environmentally conscious. Our ranges of clothes are be fun, great fitting with that environmental twist.

We have a huge passion for making our planet better and supporting the people on it, this includes our KRAKEN PROJECTS as well as reaching out to individuals and companies to help support them. 


The Kraken Symbol is split into two main parts. 

The Tentacles

Representing the sea and all living life on the planet

The Skull

Representing Death and what is slowly happening to the planet.



Our key message for all is “SMALL STEPS BY THE MANY IS BETTER THAN LARGE LEAPS BY THE FEW”, which boils down to, everyone doing a little is better than a few people doing loads. It's not about doing everything perfect, it's about trying to take little steps at a time. We promote this in all aspects of the company.

Clothing – ethically sourced and made from sustainable materials (more info in RANGES page).

Mentality – Kraken Projects help us to do that little bit extra (more info in KRAKEN PROJECTS page).

Environment – For every t-shirt bought we currently plant a tree and are certified with ‘more trees’. Presently we buy in the lowest quantities available to reduce waste to a minimum with the aim to become a pre-order only brand in the future. Currently the plan is that any waste will be either reused on other T-shirts (currently being investigated), composted or donated to UK charities.

We are not perfect but strive to improve the company and peoples attitudes towards looking after our planet. We only get one.





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