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Who are Kraken?

Who are Kraken?

Kraken came from an small idea which has since grown into what it is now. Think of it as it’s beginning like an acorn and throughout its short time has matured through being a sapling into a small oak tree. From the off we wanted to be different in our approach but similar to some of the ‘sustainable’ big brands. What we didn’t realise was that one covid was around the corner and two, what that meant for the small business fashion industry!

Sustainability in fashion is used far too much in our opinion and we didn’t want to fall into a company that added to the problem of fast fashion that arguably many ‘sustainable fashion’ companies do. So we came up with what we still joke about today being the ‘worst business model’ for a Ltd company ever made….. but the ‘best integrity fashion model’ so we can at least  keep our heads held high even if we make no money for ourselves. On this premis we toyed with NGO and/or Charity status but decided we didn’t want to be bounded and so remained as a ‘Profit making’ business but try and develop a hybrid approach and ethos and use our profits to help the environment and communities how we see fit before it reaches our own pockets. From this “Planet before profit” was coined. 
How is that sustainable? I hear you ask..The answer is a long winded one (it’s not perfect and has its faults but ‘small steps’ is easier to manage and maintain and we live by this).

1. We produce premium wear; which means it lasts longer. We also screen print, embroider or sublimate our designs, which last longer and don’t fade as quick.
2. We use a mix of Organic cotton or recycled fabrics including plastics. In fact even our embroidery is threaded with recycled plastic bottles and other materials.

 3. We are an online business so our carbon footprint is relatively low but we do work with and are accredited by Moretrees and plant at least 1 tree for every garment of clothing sold.

4. We also do not partake in the big sales. Sales breed a ‘must have transactional frenzy’ which is not what we are about plus it would put unnecessary stress on the team which is not what we want to do. 

5. We order minimum quantities to reduce waste, and are coming up with ways to change that waste into No waste. Ideas include reuse and recycle which are relatively easy to implement. We have started to design and print in batches and don’t do seasonal drops. Once we run out we scope for further demand if there’s not enough we won’t manufacture anymore. Our business model (once growth has hit our recommended figure) will eventually turn into a pre-order only fashion company reducing our waste to an absolute minimum. The aim is to release a design to gather interest, once the interest has grown enough release a batch 1 pre-order only and then take it from there letting the customer drive the brand. 

6. Our packaging is plastic free and compostable even our hang tags have seeds to be planted 

Hopefully that explains why we believe we are sustainable and different to the rest. The other part of Kraken is the Projects. We actively get involved in helping the environment and communities.  Check out our Kraken Projects page for the detail although we will be writing a blog after each event going forward.

Who are Kraken? Who are kraken? 

In summary to ’Who are Kraken’? It’s a growing premium streetwear brand that’s not worried to say we care for our environment and our communities…In fact we do more than say. We act. Who are Kraken? Who are kraken? Who are Kraken? Who are kraken? 

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